Ready for fall?

I’m not, but these colors definitely remind me of some of our beautiful fall colors we have to look forward to!  These colors look amazing with a tan, which I don’t have. I think the fall colors looks great on most (all?) people actually, which might be why its such a great season for fashion.

I’m anxiously anticipating my new Balenciagas that should be on there way here as I type! The pluralization of that was an accident. I was patiently on the wait list for a fall/winter Balenciaga for the past 4-5 months. About a month or so ago the colors started to come in and I didn’t hear anything from my SA. And then about a week ago I lost all hope and went ahead and bought a different used Bal in a similar color. Literally the next day I get an email from my SA saying they are expecting 2 of the color/style/hardware combo I requested, and I’m number 2 on the wait list 🙂 My bank account is not happy, but I definitely am!! I’ll be posting pics as soon as they arrive!