Beige Plaid Shorts & Olive Cardigan

I’ve had these BCBG shorts for years (six, maybe?). I remember shopping at Boston Store with my mom and seeing these; they were on sale for $59.99, which was way more than I ever would pay for one piece of clothing. I tried them on anyways, which is never a good idea. Well, they fit, and for some reason I really loved them, despite the fact that they were not my typical (lazy high school) style. I think my mom and I went 50/50 on paying for them. They’ve since gotten so much wear that the material is thinning and stitches are coming out all over. (This goes to show the value of a few “investment” pieces!) I usually only wear them on special occasions, to try and preserve what little life they have left. Here, I paired them with a J.Crew tank and cardigan and my new Ann Taylor Exotic Perfect Pumps.