On Sale Now: Vince Nina d’Orsay Flat

January 6, 2015 in on sale now, vince nina flat

vince nina

A while back I posted about my search for d’Orsay flats. I tried a few pairs (like the Manolo Soussaba, now on super sale), but nothing worked out for one reason or another. I planned on trying out Vince’s Nina flat next, but with no sales at the time and winter on its way, I decided to put it off. Until now! I was doing some random post-holiday sales browsing when I came across a pair of on-sale Vince Nina flats. I wasn’t a fan of the color, so I decided to search the other large retailers sites for more options. Lo and behold, many colors and leathers were on sale! I picked up a pair of black calf hair ones because they were just marked to 70% off (although I do like the black suede, too). Here are all of the sale colors:

I know many people have commented about how comfortable these are, so I have high hopes! I actually don’t own any plain black flats for work, so if these fit they will definitely be a welcome addition to my closet!

Winter Fashion Tips & Tricks – Part 1

January 4, 2015 in Winter Fashion Tips

If you live in a climate that has a long, frigid winter season, you probably know how challenging it can be to motivate yourself to stay warm and stylish the entire season. I know I’ll be happy to start wearing scrubs again!! With this in mind, I put together a few tips for staying warm, comfortable and presentable throughout the season. Part 1 is all about the layers up top!

Tip #1: Combat itchy sweaters. Nothing looks more winter than a chunky oversized wool sweater. Especially the turtleneck variety. Unfortunately, these can be annoyingly itchy, particularly for those with allergies and sensitive skin! Layering is the obvious answer. But finding the right layer is the key. The highest quality, best variety, and most highly rated tops I’ve found are made by a brand called Majestic (best varieties at Bloomingdales and Neiman’s). The Majestic layering tops are a super smooth and stretchy viscose blend; they are extremely form fitting, so they lay smooth under any sweater and don’t add bulk. They come in lots of versions (long sleeve crew, turtleneck, boatneck, etc), so you can always find the perfect cut to layer under a specific sweater. ¬† They are starting to hit sale, so now is the perfect time to pick some up (I just grabbed a white turtleneck and black 3/4 sleeve U neck, each for >50% off).

winter layering; fix itchy turtlenecks
Shirt // Outfits

Tip #2: Get top layers to lay flat. I love the look of a button down shirt peeking out from under a more form fitting sweater. But may times, the overlaying sweater shows lumps and bumps if worn directly over the shirt. A quick and easy way to smooth everything out is to throw a tank top on over the shirt and under the sweater. Any tight tank top would do, preferably one with a little less length so it doesn’t start peeking out the bottom. I love this tank from J. Crew because it has a double layer of fabric which is wonderful for smoothing things out (whether its needs to conceal shirt buttons when layered or bra lines when worn alone).

winter layers lay flat
Sweater // Shirt // Tank

Tip #3: Find the right blend. When you’re sick of layering and want to be warm yet comfortable in just one layer, finding a specific fabric blend is the way to go. 100% wool fabrics are extremely warm, but tend to have at least some itchiness. However, when the wool is blended with a itch-free fabric such as silk or cotton, you get the best of both worlds (plus a beautiful drape). These blends can get pretty pricy, but they’re available at reasonable prices as well. Yoox always has some good options (like this beautiful cardigan sitting in my dreambox¬† at $59), as does the Outnet and Last Call.¬† Be a little cautious of super cheap ones- you do need a certain quality of wool to achieve this.

Cashmere Silk Blends
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Do you already use these tactics? What other tips to do have?

Holiday updates

December 29, 2014 in LOOKBOOK

Having extra days off is a rare commodity in residency, so I was pretty lucky to have off on 12/25. Although I considered it, I decided against driving 12 hours to see my family for a the day (I also have a fear of driving long distances in my car now that I hit >180k miles). So, instead I accompanied Ben to celebrate with his family on the 24th (after work) and the 25th. It was nice and relaxing. We did lots of eating, chatting, and wine-ing. And after some wine-ing we played Cards Against Humanity. I’ve played this game quite a few times now and it has been fun each time, regardless of the crowd. If you haven’t heard of it… and aren’t easily offended… definitely give it a look!

Mackage Coat
Mackage Coat (current version, their sister company also made an awesome puffer this year that’s on my radar), Gucci Pants, J. Crew Shoes, Fendi Bag
Since I’d only seen Ben’s family a handful of times (and never for some extended family), I had quite the struggle figuring out what to wear. Nearly everything I wear is business casual (or pajamas or yoga clothes, but that’s even less helpful). So on the 24th I did the only thing that seemed logical… I wore these work clothes. It was pretty obvious that I was working all day, so I don’t think anyone cared that I hadn’t changed. But for Christmas day I didn’t have that excuse. I realllllly wanted to wear sweat pants, but I don’t feel quite that comfortable doing that just yet. :p I ended up throwing on my favorite jeans and a black sweater with cutouts (similar to this one but with a cowl neck). Seriously, I wear too much black.

Winter Blacks
Sadly, on Friday I had to go back to work. I have two more weeks of consult services, which means two more weeks of having to dress up every day. Honestly, at first I kind of enjoyed getting all dressed up in the morning. But now its not so fun. I don’t have a huge wardrobe, so I’ve been wearing a lot of the same stuff over and over. Especially sweaters. I’m trying to keep my eye out for some cozy sweaters now that the holidays are over and I can shop for myself. I was browsing Bloomingdales for sweaters to make the free shipping minimum before I realized there was no minimum (Majestic shirts went on sale and I had to grab some… these are the best under itchy sweaters) when I somehow came across this Free People pullover. Love it. I don’t usually say that. Of course its not yet on sale, so I’ll have to wait to try it. Actually, sales really aren’t that great just yet, now that I’ve spent some time looking. Is the end of January the best sale time? I suppose I should save up then.

Mackage Trench Coat
Hope your week is starting out well! And a quick thank you to the readers that have commented recently and put up with my less than punctual replies. I really appreciate all of your feedback and comments! Thank you thank you thank you!