My First Retail Purchases (in a looooong time)

October 22, 2014 in New Buys

fall purchases

I’ve finally found some purchase-worthy items this fall! Who knows if they’ll be keepers, but even better if they’re not (much happier bank account).  I popped over to J. Crew this morning for some pre-night shift shopping. I’ve been hoping that they’d add some new Elsie pumps since I bought my first pair a few months ago (worn here, here, here…), and they finally did! I’m a nude shoe fanatic, so I bought the new blush stone color. They also added a beautiful blue and a pale pink suede version, which I passed on for now, because I was won over by the patterned versions. I’m not a huge camo fan, but their metallic camo is stunning! I was sooooo close to getting them, but opted for the black floral version instead. These will look perfect with my typical black pants and sweater look.

While I was browsing J. Crew’s site I also (accidentally) stumbled upon one of their new coat styles, the Chateau Parka. J. Crew does outerwear well, and I usually try a few of their coats every winter. I love the subtly elegant vibe of the dusty ginger color, so that one will be on the way here soon! And the one last-second add on to the (expensive) order was the Buffalo check flannel shirt jacket. This one has potential, but if its too boxy it’ll have to go back. We’ll see.

The last two items I’m trying are this Dsquared2 tee that has been sitting in my Yoox dreambox for ages. I don’t know why, but I think its adorable. And this John Richmond sweater was my absolute last purchase. I adore the style and color, but it’s a wool/alpaca blend, which might be too irritating on my overly sensitive skin. Allergies. Yuck.

Ok, back to studying. If you’ve read all the way to the bottom here, thank you, and please share your favorite fall finds!

The Really Difficult Patients

October 20, 2014 in LOOKBOOK

For my entire short medical career I’ve worked with underserved populations. This presents a few challenges. I initially had difficulty with the typical “narcotic-seeking” patient. They can be threatening and manipulative, not surprisingly. But after many of these interactions, they’re no longer especially difficult or stressful. Sure, I don’t appreciate the conflict, but I don’t go home upset about it. The patient’s that I find incredibly difficult are… let me see how I can explain this.

Many of my patients have close to nothing (or, well, nothing). Maybe they did drugs or alcohol, maybe they still do. Many are homeless. Some have recently been in jail or prison. A few of them have family or friends, but often times the relationships they have with others are less than ideal. So. A patient like this comes in with chief complaint X. You listen to them, encourage them to talk openly and support them instead of judge them (illegal activities and all). You work up their complaint and tell them what’s going on with their health. They seem reassured. Then, you tell them that you’re worried about them, want them to succeed, and want to support them in any way you can. Wow. You can’t believe their reactions. That’s when you realize how much it means to these patients to hear that someone cares about them (I don’t know how many people I make cry after saying this). Its so damn sad to know that sometimes, you’re the most encouraging, supportive person this patient has.

Most of the time we’re too burnt out to be able to handle this extra emotion, as sad as it is. I’m stressed about the upcoming month of nights I have… burnout happens so quickly.

 plaid 2
Phew, enough emotion there. Back to superficial land! It seems like every recent post features pre-owned clothes. Well, this one is no exception! I just love this Donna Karan skirt that I picked up recently (I think it was $30-something dollars?). I have a thing for patterned skirts… they almost seem more versatile than solids. I’ve been eying these plaid and paisley skirts, and will likely pull the trigger on those as the season goes on.

plaid skirt
Its been super easy to browse pre-owned land this fall because it seems that anything and everything is “in.” I’ve seen all sorts of styles and patterns. Its nice. One thing I am having a difficult time with, though, is finding a new bag. Its been a really long time since my last bag purchase, and I’m down to only three bags now. I’ve been hoping I’d just “come across” the perfect bag, but it hasn’t happened. It it wasn’t so expensive, I would have already gotten Gucci’s Jackie bag months ago. I love the shape, love the simplicity, and love the stunning colors it comes in. And I also love that its not as well known as many other bags (like my Celine, or Prada’s saffiano lux tote, Fendi’s 2jours, essentially any Chanel bag, etc), although I do like many of those bags as well. For now I’m going to keep looking and searching for a good deal. I can’t quite justify anywhere close to retail for these lovely bags.

Alright, well, back to work. I hope you’re having a nice fall! Take care.

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Modify the To-Do List

October 14, 2014 in LOOKBOOK

Geeeezzzz, its mid-October already! How did this happen? I’m basically on a self study month, but have lacked the motivation to do at least 50% of the things on my to do list. Hmmmm. Well, if I’m not motivated to do the items on my self-made to-do list, perhaps I should modify the list. It almost feels like cheating… but why? It seems pretty logical to spend most of my time learning about or working on things I enjoy, right? Why do I force myself to work on things just because I feel like I should?

Floral top
Despite my lack of motivation to put on anything that wasn’t yoga clothes this month, I did manage to get dressed and snap these pictures during the last warm days of fall. We’ve been lucky to have experienced such mild weather so far this season! I’m really really not ready for (Minnesota’s deathly) cold weather. It might be time to do some fall shopping. I don’t think I’ve made a retail purchase in… I have no idea. I’m still slowly acquiring fun new additions via eBay, but it might be time to venture back out into retail land.

Last warm weather...
What have you been into this fall? I’m not sure where to start. Everyone seems to have written about and their friends and family sale going on. I’m actually a pretty big fan of shopbop, but I don’t shop there super often because they just have so much stuff. Its overwhelming. I’ve had my eye on just a few things. I’ve mentioned more than a few times now that I have a slight obsession with d-Orsay flats. I tried a few pairs without success and have been waiting for Vince’s Nina flats to make it to sale… now they have! Still expensive, though. They better be amazing or they’re going back. There are a few other items that I’ll contemplate during the next day or two. I love AG jeans and would also love some leather (or leather-like) leggings. These have amazing reviews. It might be worth a try! I’m also thinking about grabbing a pair or two of jeans to try. I really hate pants shopping. I could go with a safe pair of AG stilts (for some reason I’m liking the distressed version). Or I could branch out and try a different brand. I think Rag & Bone might be excluded, sadly. If it wasn’t I would try a pair of their skinnies with huge back pockets like this pair. Maybe I’ll give Mother jeans a shot (I’m really liking my dropout pair I got on eBay, although they’re a size too big). The Looker style seems to get really good reviews, perhaps I’ll try those.

I’m going to try to keep my purchases under control, though. I don’t need to do any excessive spending… all that does is gives me more motivation to moonlight for money, which takes up too much time. Especially with winter coming, I should make sure I’m enjoying my time outside of the hospital, not finding ways to get back there!

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